DIY: Envelope Pillowcase

Envelope PillowcaseOnce again, I found myself with an excess of fabric from class.  I screen printed this fabric last Fall and wanted to make something simple to show it off.  The pillowcases were extremely easy to make and I love how they turned out!  I can now enjoy my one of a kind fabric in my living room instead of storing it in a box.




2-16 inch pillows


1/4 inch double fold bias tape

Sewing machine and thread

Pillowcase DIY

1. Cut 1 17×17 inch square, 1 17×8.5 in rectangle and 1 17×12 inch rectangle.

2. On smallest rectangle, pin down 1/4 inch bias tape to one of the wide sides.

3. Stitch down bias tape.

4. On medium size rectangle, fold over 1/4 inch twice to create hem. Sew Down.

5. Lay square piece right side up.  Place piece with piping right side down, lining up 3 raw edges.  Pin and stitch the two pieces together at 1/2 inch.

6. Lay hemmed piece right side down on top, again lining up 3 raw edges.  Pin and stitch together.

7. Clip all corners.

8. Flip pillowcase right side out and fit over 16 inch pillow!





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