DIY: Zipper Pouch

I came across a tutorial awhile ago on how to make a lined zipper pouch and have seriously been using it ever sense.  I’ve made a big leather clutch, a keyboard case and many other pouches all from this one tutorial.  I wanted to share a project I did which was originally a way for me to use up some fabric I designed and screen printed last year.  I had about 9-yards of this rose print fabric and was sick of it laying around but thought that some of the ladies in my life might appreciate something made from it.  I finished 5, 9-inch pouches just in time for Valentine’s day and plan to continue making more.  I lined them with Babyville fabric (which is intended for making diapers) so they are semi-water resistant and can be used for cosmetics and then easily wiped out.

For a full tutorial, visit Bored and Crafty








2 thoughts on “DIY: Zipper Pouch

  1. Super cute! I love DIY projects like this because they keep you from spending big bucks for something you can make for 1/4 of the price. If you went into Target and tried to buy something like this, it would cost like $20 easily. I’ll have to check out that tutorial. I’d like to try to make my own over spring break. 🙂

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