DIY: Legwarmers

Winter weather can inspire some great DIYs.  I’ve been wanting to make legwarmers for awhile now and figured out a simple way to do so.  This sweater was in my donate or remake pile and it finally found new life!  Check out my step-be-step to make the sleeves of an old sweater into legwarmers.



1. Rip out the seam between the sleeve and the sweater.

2. Using a razor blade and pulling the layers apart can make the process faster.

3. Measure up leg from from ankle to determine where you want the top of your leg warmer.  Mine was 14 inches.

4. Add 2 inches to previous measurement and mark distance up from wrist on sweater sleeve.

5. Draw a line across sleeve and cut.

6. Fold cut edge over 1 inch, iron, and fold over again to create hem.  Pin down.

7. Set sewing machine to a zig-zag or stretch stitch.

8.  Stitch hem down close to edge.





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