DIY Halloween Costume: Pinata

For Halloween, I am a firm believer in making your own costume every year.  I find store bought ones over priced, unoriginal and usually of bad quality.  This year, my roommate and I decided to be Pinatas.  We had seen a few versions online but went a different direction by using fabric as opposed to crepe paper.  I don’t think a paper dress would last very long so fabric seemed to be the most practical way to go.  I bought a simple, stretchy, knit dress from Forever 21 and four different colors of stretch-knit fabric from Jo Ann Fabrics.  Check out step-by-step photos below!  I love how it turned out, especially the head piece that really pulls the whole thing together.  What will you be for Halloween and could it be turned into a fun DIY?


Supplies: Colored knit fabrics, ruler, scissors, E6000 glue, marker and cardboard (not pictured)

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